Breaking Ungodly Soul-Ties

Some time ago, I had the opportunity to pray for a sister in Christ that attended my healing and deliverance conference in California. She asked for prayer and, as I was praying for her, a word of knowledge came to me that she was under a demonic assignment to destroy her marriage. I shared this with her but it did not make any sense to her because, at the time, her marriage was fine.

Some time passed and she came again for prayer. I gave her the same word of knowledge although I did not remember it was the same word. She was really confused and said, “I don’t understand why you are saying this because I have been happily married for 10 years now and things are fine between us.” I told her again, “This is what I see. There is an ungodly soul tie between you and the past which the enemy is trying to use against your marriage.” Then I asked her, “Do you have anything you received from an ex-boyfriend?” Her answer was no so I asked, “Is there anything unusual happening in your life related to your past relationships?” The answer again was no.

I kept asking questions because I was trying to understand what it was that I was receiving from the Lord. After a few minutes she said, “Wait a minute. I do remember something that keeps occurring.” She went on to reveal that a recurring dream about her ex-boyfriend kept bothering her. Right then, I immediately knew in my spirit that was what the Lord was revealing to me. I asked her, “Do you still have anything that was given to you by your ex-boyfriend? Do you have any pictures or anything you are not supposed to have?” Obviously, she said no because it had been over 10 years but then she said, “The only things I have are his initials tattooed on my body.”

With this revelation, we prayed–she renounced the ungodly soul-ties, we prayed for the demonic dreams to be cancelled and I commanded the ungodly soul ties between her and her ex-boyfriend to be broken. Not long after, this same woman gave testimony about the amazing transformation the Lord had done in her marriage and how God was restoring what the enemy had robbed from their family!

Below is a list of the most typical signs of ungodly soul ties in a relationship:
• Recurring/sexual dreams of “ex” relationships
• Constant thoughts that you will be unfulfilled without the person in your life
• Constant battles in the mind with lies and confusion about that person
• Feeling emotionally and mentally imprisoned by the person
• Battling insecurity and lack of trust hindering you from moving forward

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